Whole-body Cryotherapy submerges the body to temperatures colder than -200°F over the course of 2-4 minutes inside of a cryo chamber

Alleviate Pain

Whole-body Cryotherapy submerges the body to temperatures colder than -200°F over the course of 2-4 minutes inside of a cryo chamber. These extremely low temperatures can treat symptoms such as tissue damage. Our whole-body cryotherapy is typically used by athletes looking for pain alleviation or muscle soreness. It is helpful after an intense workout so their body can properly recover.

Jump-start the Metabolism

The body responds to the extreme cold by warming itself up from the inside out. This puts the metabolism in overdrive, burning extra calories for up to 4 hours.

Local Cryotherapy Facial Treatments

Cryotherapy is a safe method to treat pain by using localized freezing temperatures to deaden irritated nerves. Local cryotherapy is a targeted method used to restore tissue damage, decrease inflammation in certain problem areas, as well as promote overall cell rejuvenation. This life-changing treatment boosts natural radiance as well as firms the skin by exposing the body to plummeting temperatures. One of the major reasons for skin aging is the loss of natural collagen production, and as you age, your body produces less and less. Decreased oxygenation of the skin layers is another reason for this. Local Cryotherapy facial treatments have been popular among patients of all ages. This treatment that was once seen solely as an athlete recovery method has since been called one of the "hottest new beauty trends." People like Alicia Keys, Bobbi Brown, Lindsay Lohan, and so many more use some form of cryotherapy to achieve stunning results—and they swear by it. Contact one of our experienced team members and they will help guide you to the treatment that is right for you.

Find out about the benefits of Cryotherapy - A non-invasive, anti-aging treatment with proven results

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Check in with one of our specialists to see why cryotherapy might be a good option for you. We can customize your treatment regimen to include other adjunt services and therapies to maximize your benefits.

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