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San Gabriel Valley’s Top-Rated Cryotherapy Wellness Spa

Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa is San Gabriel Valley’s top-rated cryotherapy center. Our patients come to us to recover, restore, and revitalize their bodies to support optimal, sustainable health goals. From those looking for non-invasive, anti-aging treatments to those looking to recover from sore, achy muscles, our wellness spa has the right treatment for you. Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa was built on a commitment to deliver these life-altering results to the San Gabriel Valley community. As a family-run business, we offer a hands-on, holistic approach to address the issues causing your symptoms. That’s why we customize each service to target your specific needs.
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  • I'll admit, I was skeptical at first. I'm a believer now! The therapy worked wonders, but most importantly... it was the service. Thank you!'
    Mirna Morales
    Homes2U International, CEO
  • It feels like I have my life back... Thank you, Roy! I have been ushered into a new phase of my life. Yay!
    Scott Monet
    MCG, Inc CIO
  • I'm greeted with smiles, and leave with a smile. What more could you ask for?
    Arres Tenom
    Ebuliant Svcs, CEO
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Our newest Cryotherapy capsule

Do you remember when pain was a temporary companion? Are you ready to dismiss its companionship?

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Muscle soreness... Begone!

Having given up with many of the traditional methods of pain relief, I was desperate...

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Our Community, Our Home

What cryotherapy did for me; it's nothing short of miraculous.

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