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Never in our wildest dreams did we think that it would lead us here, but it did, and we are grateful.
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The journey to start Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa was not we planned at all. After being laid off after a 37-year career as an engineer, I found a new perspective on life. Never in our wildest dreams did we think that it would lead us here, but it did, and we are grateful. That said, I found myself plagued with osteoarthritis—with days that made it difficult to walk to the car. Years of running marathons and high-endurance activities took a toll on my body. Looking back now, I realize that recovery is so important. Resting alone doesn't cut it.

Anyway, the orthopedic doctor said that hip replacement surgery and/or opioids (pain killers) were my only options. I simply couldn’t accept that path. To top it off, about a year later, I lost one kidney. This essentially took the pain killer option off the table. One day, I was talking to my mom on the phone back in Ohio when suddenly, she said, "oh my goodness, they’re freezing Lebron James. “I said what do you mean? Is he dead?”. She said, “No. He’s inside a machine where he is saying it’s cold and they are freezing him.” I asked her what was the process called? She said that she didn’t know, “they’re just freezing him!”. I got off the phone and onto the computer and discovered that what Lebron was doing was cryotherapy. Wow! Could this be a solution to my pain?

I found a place in Hollywood and planned to try it out. Two days later, I was inside a cryotherapy chamber experiencing a level of cold I could never have imagined. When I got out, it was like nothing that I had ever experienced. The pain was not completely gone, but it was significantly reduced. It was not until about 20 minutes later that while driving home, I turned to my oldest teenage daughter and exclaimed, “Breanna! It’s gone, the pain is completely gone!”. Well, the pain subsided for 4 days, no pain, and then gradually returned, but not as severe. I decided to go back after about two weeks just to make sure that this was not some sort of placebo effect.

Sure enough, same benefit the second time. I was so excited that I dragged my wife Tess back with me to try. And cold is definitely not her thing. Not only did she join me in the cryotherapy chamber, but she did so on our anniversary. What dedication. So, there we were enjoying the wonderful benefits of cryo. The only problem was that we live in a small town about 18 miles from the Hollywood location, so it was taking about 3 1⁄2 hours round trip for a 3-minute session. My body felt great, but my head was fried from the traffic. By the time I got home, I was ready to return for another session. After torturous drives, I asked the owners if they were planning to open up a place in the San Gabriel Valley in the near future. Their answer was no.

With that, Tess and I talked about it, we prayed about it, and then we knew that we had to share this amazing treatment with others. Ten months later, Aurora Cryo Wellness Spa opened its doors to the people of the San Gabriel Valley and beyond. To give them hope, to give them an alternative to the surgery, to the pain meds, to all of the other things that don’t work. We never planned this, but there was a bigger planner. We allowed the door that closed to open our eyes to see other doors and stepping through that door has brought us challenges, but more than that, the joy of helping others. When we see the pain on the face of someone who walks in and the smile when they walk out, it makes all the difference in the world. There are many lessons that we have learned along the way and sadly, my mother is no longer with us, but we have her to thank for sharing Lebron James getting a cryo treatment. There is a saying; honor your parents. Goods things can come from it.

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