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In 2015, owner Roy Wiseman was laid off from his job of 37 years as an Engineer.  At a crossroads in his and wife Tess’ life (with the belief that when one door closes, another opens), they entrusted God to take over.  Spending much of their time raising three girls and having led active and athletic lives, they were faced with the challenge of what they could do next that would compliment their lifestyles and allow them the family time they’d become accustomed to.  Having previously run a multitude of marathons, Roy was experiencing the pitfalls of heavy wear and tear on his body that had shown up in the form of osteoarthritis.  The doctors recommended he have hip replacement surgery, but fortunately, there was a better future.

One ordinary day, he’d made a call to his mother in Ohio.  She happened to be watching a news segment of La Bron James getting “frozen”, as she exclaimed, “They’re freezing La Bron!  They’re freezing him!”   With disbelief and extreme curiosity, Roy did some research after the crazy phone conversation and discovered that La Bron was getting a whole body cryotherapy treatment at a local cryo center after a game he’d just played in at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland.

Intrigued by this medical alternative, Roy was able to locate a cryo center in Los Angeles and rushed to book a session.  The drive however, through LA traffic, took hours out of his day – but it was worth it.  After only 1 session, he experienced the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effects which left him believing there might be hope on the horizon.  If this worked, it could mean avoiding risky surgery and a life relegated to pain medication forever.  And that it did!

10 months later, with his new business partner Tess, they started the only cryo therapy treatment center in the San Gabriel Valley.  Aurora Cryo Spa opened it’s doors and they now share this revolutionary treatment with their community.  They opened it for those seeking healing, health, and well-being, and are thankful that they can offer hope to those who need it.

Aurora Cryo Spa is dedicated to Roy’s mom, in her memory and that “not so chance”, call home!