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Roy and Marites Wiseman know firsthand the effect pain can have on daily life. Both active and athletic, their bodies, as they put it, “began to rebel” and eventually said “enough is enough!” But after experiencing the pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory effects of cryotherapy, they knew they were onto something. So, they decided to share this revolutionary treatment with their community and open Aurora Cryo Spa, which they’ve stocked with stand-up chambers that blast bodies with sub-zero temperatures that get as low as -260º F.  And as the Wisemans discovered, the chilling effects of lowering the skin’s temperature by at least 30º can do a lot more than elicit shivers. In addition to reducing inflammation and fostering the tissue-repair process, the therapy has shown to also improve blood flow, boost metabolism, and even raise endorphin levels.

Roy and Marites Wiseman
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